Jackdaws @ home

Webcam in the Castle Tower

Around Landshut Castle, there is a colony of about 70 grey jackdaws. These intelligent birds belong to the raven family and are protected in Switzerland. In Landshut, they breed in tree cavities and specially-made bird houses. From the castle courtyard, one can observe them well. The webcam is installed in one of the bird houses just underneath the castle tower's roof.

The nest is prepared for breeding in April. From mid to late April, the female lays between three and six eggs.
After an incubation period of about 16 to 20 days, the baby birds hatch. If the upbringing goes well, the young fly out in the middle or end of June.
In spring 2018, the jackdaw colony in Landshut consisted of 72 birds and 29 couples, slightly less compared to 2017 with a number of 75 birds and 30 couples.

Watch the breeding of our grey jackdaw!

Live Webcam

In 2017, the breeding has been successful for the jackdaw couple in the nesting box where the webcam is installed. The warm and dry weather and a good food supply helped to that.
On 24th april, four eggs were visible in the nest, a fifth was following. The first two young were hatching from their eggs on 11th may, and five days later, five fluffy fledglings could be seen, being fed by the adults. Unfortunately, the fifth young, visibly smaller than its siblings, did not survive. The four hatchlings opened their eyes around 22nd of may and a week later, they sported their first feathers. The beginning of june saw them starting to spread their wings in the nest 'just to try', hopping around and getting more and more keen to fly. On the sunny morning of 14th of june, their day had come, four beautiful young jackdaws were leaving the nest to join the others of the colony in the castle court's plane-trees.

Webcam jackdaws, previous years