The Domain of Landshut

The domain encompasses the castle, park, economic building, in which the Wildlife Station Foundation [Stiftung Wildstation] is located today, orangery and side buildings, and has been maintained, essentially, in its original form. Since 1988, the domain has been in the ownership of the Landshut Castle Foundation.

The castle and its grand Swiss Plateau surroundings are an ideal travel destination for families, school classes, nature lovers and hunting societies.


The Landshut Coat of Arms

The silver helmet within the red crest explains the name “Hut” (meaning both “hat” and “protection”) as it epitomizes the “Hut” a “protective hat”.

Under this banner, the people (“Fähnli”) of Landshut marched with 40 men into the Burgundian Wars in 1474 – 1476!

Current Information

Check out our jackdaw nest. Now live from the webcam!

Every year, on Mother’s Day, the castle’s doors open for the new season. This year’s special exhibition puts the stunning wildlife of the American North West into focus in overwhelmingly beautiful pictures of the photographer Florian Schulz.

During the season, our cafeteria will be open again and provide for a pleasant break in a picturesque place.