Swiss Castle Day 2019 «Spielen! Jouer! Giocare!»

Getting to know historic games and old building trade

Landshut Castle - a building site anno 1624

Learn about old building techniques in use on a construction site of 400 years ago, try to get to work with the archaic tools of the time, and play the games of the "olden days" - both an educational and fun experience for the young and not-so-young!

10 to 17 h at the Castle Court

Welcome address and introduction by Isabella Meili-Rigert, Foundation Landshut Castle

With the 'Zähringervolk' and Christoph Beck, Museum Burgdorf Castle

The language of the activities is German.
In the case of questions or remarks, generally, the referees understand and speak English.

More about the Swiss Castle Day www.dieschweizerschloesser.ch

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